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Reports are available, printed on demand, at cost ($25-30.00 plus mailing) depending on the number of pages; some information may be available electronically; contact me for information.

  1. Glendenning Roots


    Background and photos on the life and times of Elmer and Jane (Watling) Glendenning with a focus on their years in the USA. It also lists ancestors for each as well as their descendants. (Approximately 200 pages bound.)

  2. Carol Louise (Chesney) Glendenning


    Background information and photos of Carol Chesney, her family and friends in Illinois. (Approximately 100 pp bound)

  3. Family Chronicles; Volumes 1 and 2


    Copies of an informal newsletter intended to share with siblings the latest findings about relatives and ancestors. Later Chronicles morphed into recollections of life and times of the author growing up in Black River, New Brunswick, especially in the period preceding WW2. Each newsletter was two pages; each volume includes 100 newsletters. Newsletters are also available on line at http://don.glendenning.net/. (Approximately 200 pp each volume, bound)

  4. The Neighbourhood


    At the beginning of WW2, there were about 120 households along the Black River in Northumberland County, New Brunswick. This volume identifies heads of households and their offspring; children are identified even though many had married and left home. The volume also provides ancestor charts, where known, for many of the heads of households. (Approximately 325 pages bound)

  5. Families


    Over the years, I developed a database of 6,000 names with a focus on the early years. The amount of detail on each family varies. Families include: Glendinning/Glendenning, Watling, MacDonald, MacNaughton, Harley, Peters, Jardine, Daly, MacLean, Adams, Fowlie, Godfrey and others. Information also available on other families; copies are bound.

Contact Information

Don Glendenning
62 Queen Elizabeth Drive
Charlottetown, PE C1A 3A9
Tel: 902-892-5859
Email: don@glendenning.net
URL: http://don.glendenning.net/

January 1, 2011

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