Welcome To Don Glendenning's Web Page!

Who, you ask, is Don Glendenning?

Suffice to say, he is a handsome senior living in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada who has Scottish, English and Irish roots, an interest in genealogy and a willingness to share information and experiences with friends and relatives alike.

Why a Newsletter?

Don Glendenning has been interested in genealogy for fifty years but his action came in spurts. To share information with siblings who lived at a distance, he started a two-page newsletter dedicated to genealogy. One day a query arrived from a cousin and, in response, Don forwarded a copy of an existing and relevant Newsletter. An electronic mailing list grew quickly to more than fifty people. Enter Brian Glendenning, his son, with an offer of a web page. Offer accepted; this site is the result.

The content of recent issues has changed somewhat with the addition of information and recollections of life in Black River Bridge, New Brunswick, the community in which Don grew up.

A command and invitation!

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Don in front of Callister Hall where his Great Grandfather was born in 1807.

Lisa G,
Mar 24, 2011, 9:11 PM